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Welcome to the SandBox, the place where you can do anything you want in an effort to sharpen your skills or simply try things out before you do them "live" at one of Genseipedia's other sites. All content can and will most likely be created, erased, deleted or edited in no particular meaningful way. That is the purpose of this SandBox. When the SandBox database have reached a certain big size, the SandBox will be reset (started over from scratch, and every content permanently deleted!). Even though this might be years from now, please be aware that you should not write or upload anything that you want to keep. Use the SandBox to try things out in any language you want. There are no restrictions but your imagination!

Administrators can sharpen their extension skills by trying out everything here without risk. If you want to obtain administrator rights, simply contact admin and make your request on the talkpage. If you request administrator rights for SandBox, it will be given with no questions asked, but will only be valid in the SandBox. If you want to have administrator rights on the rest of Genseipedia, you will have to ask more officially on your preferred site. For security reasons, administrator rights in the SandBox will be revoked 5 days after having been given. If you want administrator rights againg at a later date, simply ask for it again at admin's talkpage. Have fun!

Nuller registered today.